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Is Blogging Better Than Facebook?

Written By luzumsuzisleruzmani on Saturday, August 24, 2013 | 1:55 PM

A lot of of you have been told that Facebook will help you to get your business seen. But does Facebook actually support you. And if you choose to purchase advertisements from them, how many individuals do you think will see them? See Fb controls who sees what. When you purchase the advertisements on any social networking website, they have to be accepted and has the be the way they want them to be. Plus only the people who like your web page will see your ads, or people who have a certain interest.

 Facebook and other social networking internet sites focuses a lot more on whats very hot for the minute. With running a blog, you management what you do. You can put any sort of ads on your weblog you want. Any person has the prospect to see your ads or articles. Additionally you happen to be developing your website page rank and not that of Fb or other social networking sites. Now you can even now use Facebook and the like, but place a lot more target on your weblogs. This even applies to write-up directories. When you might be on someone else's turf, you have to play by the rules, on your blog you do not. Appear at this details picture underneath which displays you ten causes why running a blog is far better than Fb:

Facebook vs Blog 10 Reasons Business Blogging is Better than Facebook [Infographic]

So what do you believe? Notify me your feelings. Leave your comments.


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